Gift Card

Surprise a special person with an IYO Gift Card.

Choose the Gift Card best suited to you.

You can send the Gift Card directly to the recipient or pick it up in person at the restaurant.

The Gift Card will be mailed within five (5) business days of the purchase date. It will be mailed through the Italian Post Office (posta prioritaria/priority mail) and requires about seven (7) further business days for delivery.

The card is valid for six months and is non-refundable. If the final bill exceeds the value of the Gift Card, the difference must be paid. If, instead, the final bill is less than the Gift Card value, IYO will provide a voucher to be used at the restaurant on another occasion.

Diamond Gift Card

Card with a value of 360€ (recommended for 4 people)


Platinum Gift Card

Card with a value of 280€ (recommended for 3 people)


Gold Gift Card

Card with a value of 190€ (recommended for 2 people)