Neghi-Toro Chirashi

Mini tuna belly chirashi, fresh wasabi and watercress

Ika somen

Shredded calamari, Kaluga Amur cavial, crispy vegetables, quail egg and soba dashi sauce


Millefeuille of seared Argentine shrimp and red shrimp, yuzukoshō flavoured mayonnaise, squid, yuzu flavoured miso sauce and tomato

The king crab

Lukewarm king crab salad, kimizu sauce, avocado, crunchy celery, sea asparagus and Tropea onion marinated with soy sauce and vinegar

Zuke maguro

Thinly sliced tuna seared and marinated in soy sauce with wasabi flavoured cream


Normandy Oyster served with kombu and oyster aspic, rice vinegar and yuzu flavoured frozen daikon, algae and oyster leaf

Alice Temaki

Anchovy marinated with yuzu rice vinegar, fresh wasabi flavored buffalo ricotta, spring spinach, kombu powder and tobikko

Carpaccio di wagyu

Wagyu carpaccio seared with soy, fermented daikon, borretane spring onion marinated with miso, steamed multicolour chards, egg yolk sauce

Hotate carpaccio

Seared scallops carpaccio from Bretagne, shell-fish, catalonia, crunchy cappers from Pantelleria