The wine list is the result of constant research, carried out with great passion and attention. About eight hundred labels, both Italian and international, pay particular attention to German and French wines. Whether Pinot Noir from Burgundy or Alto Adige, or a bottle chosen from a wide selection of Rieslings and sparkling labels, wines accompany the meal in a perfect harmony of flavor. Our sommeliers often can suggest unexpected pairings that surprise and delight the palate.

A sake list, wide-ranging and well-structured, completes the offerings. Different types are tasted cold or hot, depending on the paired dish, a chance to enjoy an authentic Japanese experience. Unusual, even astonishing matches are characteristic of IYO’s style – oysters and gin, for example, or eel and Vin Santo – sensations that open new, enthralling flavor horizons. Competence, experience and a pinch of audacity are the basis of the constantly growing and curated wine and sake lists, as well as the elegant selection of spirits. At the end of the meal, IYO offers a wide range of Japanese whiskies alongside classic, top quality after-dinner drinks.